Revela Biotech

Revela Biotech is a startup based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, seeking early-stage investors to break into the cancer imaging and immunotherapy market. Our focus is on developing antibody fragments as PET imaging agents to detect cancer and evaluate efficacy of ongoing treatments. Revela's patented technology delivers superior PET imaging sensitivity compared to current methods. A primary focus is the clinical development of products that non-invasively detect cancer and track the human immune system in tumors, allowing for rapid evaluation of cancer immunotherapy efficacy.

Our Mission

Revela Biotech aims to revolutionize cancer treatment through the use of specially-modified detection agents for PET imaging of the tumor microenvironment. Our platform technology allows real-time, in vivo detection of cancer cells, immune infiltrates, and other disease markers with molecular specificity, enabling improved diagnostics and targeted treatment plans. 

/reː vela/
Etymology: Reveal - Spanish

“Make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.”